Sunday, August 9, 2009

Celebrating Birthdays

It's not the same. Brett turned 14 on Thursday, yeah, he misses his dad. So we had bad spaghetti and wonderful chocolate cake. No one really feels like celebrating. Still he's enjoying the P90 Airsoft Gun that he received and the money he's saving for our trip to Grammy's.

Life is hung in limbo as we wait on our house to be completed. Plumbing, A/C, and electric should be connected to the house tomorrow. Furniture starts to be delivered on Aug 19. Is it really only a week and a half away?


Art Of The Craft Studios said...

Love you, dear friend. I know these are hard firsts for you all. I'm here and backing you all up in prayer. The light will find a way, it always does.;-)

n*stitches said...

still thinking about !!