Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trip to Grammy's

I have to say it has been most eventful. From the closeness of my fellow passengers, who got to watch Resident Evil with me on my PSP, heading to Cleveland, OH. To the ear popping flight into Portland, ME in the Express Jet offered by Continental. I have to say, coming into this part of the country is beautiful.

I love coming here at the end of summer. The weather is wonderful, of course. I'm grateful for any reduction in the temperature I can get. Glenn Cove Inn & Suites has done more than take care of us. Bailey greets us at breakfast every morning, the rooms are cleaned and towels replaced by the time we crawl in bed at night. Free continental breakfast is comparable to the Holiday Inns, but the atmosphere is wonderful.

Grammy and Grandpa haven't changed, still plugging along. I pray they continue for a while. The kids are trying to convince me that buying a house would be cheaper than paying for a motel. LOL! It's wonderful seeing family, it's where you can go when you need to get away from the real world.

Now to prepare for Shannan's 10th birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday, sweetie. Life has been sweeter with you in it.

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Art Of The Craft Studios said...

Just beautiful! Everything in this post. So wonderful to see!;-)