Friday, January 23, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Grocery shopping used to be such a chore until I figured out that making a weekly menu would:

~1. Cut down on the asking of "What's for dinner?" It's on the refridgerator.

~2. Cut down on unneccessary spending. If it's not on the list, I don't get it.

~3. Adds in for freezer meals in case of sickness (me). They can pull it out and cook it, with minimal supervision.

So, in my hunt on the internet, I found Menus4Moms and found a great blessing. Not all of the dinners suit us, we aren't picky and we try anything once. It is so easy to replace a meal with a favorite, like homemade pizza or hamburgers and sweet potato fries.

*Monday~Chicken and Dumplings~Peas and Carrots~Sliced Pears or Pearsauce for dessert.

*Tuesday~Pork Tenderloin~Baked Asparagus~Brown Rice~Apple Turnovers

*Wednesday~Stir Fry~Rice(Calrose)~Egg Drop Soup

*Thursday~Pancakes~Sausage~Eggs~Cantaloupe Slices

*Friday~Crockpot White Chicken Chili~Cornbread with Honey Butter~Chocolate Pudding

*Saturday~(Brett Cooks) This week is Tacos~Mexicorn~Refried Beans~Fried Ice Cream


n*stitches said...

Corinna - you are a sneaky groupmate - LOL
I saw your comment on MPM!
Thank you for your support!

Your menu looks great btw!

treasurescreated said...

Anything for my friends, M.