Thursday, January 22, 2009

Homemade Tortillas and Grades

Ok, so some days are better than others. Today was fabulous!! Shannan made a 100 on her Spelling Test, Patrick made a 90, Caity an 85 on their Math Quizzes. Brett wrote a wonderful piece on what we went through in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike (I didn't pay attention to the spelling).

When it came time for lunch no one had a clue to what they wanted. Sandwiches get kinda boring, yeah I know. Anyhoo, I remembered we had taco meat in the freezer and ran to the computer for a tortilla recipe.

I also finished some sets for launches coming up. Here are some more sneak peeks. I'm also making things for mommas this time around. Hope you're pleased with the outcome.
This is from a pair of old navy and limited too! jeans. Taken apart and put back together to make a usable and comfortable skirt.

Loved making these ruffles.

Learned how to quilt silk flowers onto material and cover with silk organza. I just love how this turned out.

I took these today with my new Nikon camera, I am in love....these are totally untouched. Why I waited so long to get a real adult camera, I just don't know.


n*stitches said...

Wow - homemade tortillas! I very impressed!

Stacy - Mae Mae's Creations said...

You have been busy busy busy!!!