Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A new life as a widow really has it's ups and downs. You can cry at the drop of the hat, and please do so, it helps clear the clutter on the brain.
Ok, so everything has been put on hold. Must receive Certified Death Certificates before anything can be done.
I have been sitting, and waiting, in rooms for the past week and I have concluded that some people don't bathe. That is my biggest concern. I have one more place to go tomorrow and I just cringe. How people, in this day and age, forgoe a bath is beyond me.
The other is the way that veterans are treated. I've been to the VAMC here in Houston and it's one of the better, but not by much. I know the government alots so much money in their budget for the caring of vets, but it's not enough.

When your loved one dies, here's a checklist:
1. Find the will, if there is one. If you don't have one, make one. Even handwritten is better than nothing.

2. Find all insurance policies, 401K papers. If your spouse was in the military, find DD 214. These benefits don't kick in til at least 4~6 weeks from signing the papers through HR at the VAMC.

3. I emptied my hubby's checking, bills were paid from this account.

4. If you have children, sign up for Survivors Benefits through the Social Security. (This you have to do in person.)

5. Now will be an emotional time for you, but don't jump the gun and pre-purchase your funeral. Put that money somewhere s it will grow, therefore your suvivors get much more for them, than just you getting a funeral. Believe me, it will be needed. I particularly want to be shot into space, but that's just me.

This is it for today.

Checklist for me:

1. Open IRA account.
2. Open my own checking account.
3. Interveiw several financial advisors.
4. Find a good realtor.
5. Buy home for cash.
6. Buy new car for cash.
and most importantly,
Follow Dave Ramsey's advice and live debt free!!!

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